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Vlad's Daily journal

My goal to learn may be different than most. I just need to be an average coder.

So far I’m on Day 14 and I’ve been here for close to 2 weeks now since I’ve refused to look at Chris’ solution - i’m still learning new things daily though and learning 30 minutes a day sometimes an hour (it can get addictive!)

I’ll be posting updates at the end of each day.

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New Day…I’m stuck on the array exercise…gonna try it for 1 more hour otherwise I’m gonna create 3 mini exercises around the solution and move on.

A programmer friend of mind said you shouldn’t get stuck for more than 15 minutes when first learning how to code, do you agree?

It’s not the end of the world when you can’t figure something out. It’s also OK to look at the solution. Often the solution is perhaps simple and one thing for sure is that you will remember what was done.

People learn in different ways. Some can learn from theoretical information and others are visual learners.

Don’t feel bad that you have somehow failed. We all have struggled from time to time. Some concepts are often a puzzle but at some point there will be that “light-bulb” moment when you say, “Now I get it”.


You’re doing it right! I remember being stuck often, but I disagree with the 15min rule, if you want to persevere longer go for it.

It’s also okay to “give up” and look at the solution. And once you got it, close the solution, and try to complete the challenge again on your own. That’s what I did, I struggled PLENTY (I remember being stuck for hours on M2L2) but that’s the best way to learn in my opinion. Keep it up!