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W any h any issue

w any and h any isn’t available in 13.4.1 version of xcode please tell me how to do that i am stuck
i am following the video on youtube and there it was older version of xcode but i have the latest one so
couldn’t do the same as chris is doing.

The reference

Duration from 1:19 to onwards.

Thank you



Welcome to the community

I’m not surprised that you are having trouble finding the same size class adjustment in Xcode 13.4.1 when this tutorial was recorded by Chris Ching using Xcode 9 and it was 7 years ago.

This would probably be a better play plist to follow on YouTube for storyboard applications since it is more up to date (2020).

For the specific War Card game that you are trying to build, watch this tutorial from the playlist above.

This was created using Xcode 10 but it might be better than the one you were watching.


Are you specifically interested in getting experience in storyboard applications (UIKit) or are you new to Xcode?

Hi @singhAalok

I agree with @Chris_Parker, you can follow this tutorial in case you’re new to iOS development and want to develop your App using UIKIT. You can use this as a starting point specially is you’re an experience programmer that want to shift to mobile development using iOS. Many established companies uses UIKIT until now and most of them required developers to have a strong understanding of UIKIT.

But if you’re a completely new to iOS development, I recommend you check Learn iOS in 90 Days. This will give you a solid start. :slight_smile:

i am new to xcode …

i am a begginer with no experience …

You can start here at the provided link above (Learn iOS in 90 Days) @singhAalok