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Website json vs database

Soo I want to create a scoreboard that multiple users can post their scores to and keep a running high score list over several different levels of difficulty. My first thought was that I could put them up on my website too. Buuut that would involve learning to code a website which I don’t have time for lol. I did however get my SSL certificate specifically so I could access the website with Swift. Then I started playing with Json files on my website and realized… I don’t know how to surgically push data where I want it to go with a json push and also that there’s no security in having a json file on my website out in the open. Again, something that I could probably solve with website know how. But I wonder if I’m giving up on json too soon, is it possible to push data into a json file so that it adds one number to a pre-existing array? Or should I just give up and go to firestore

You should use Game Center!
It’s literally built for leaderboards

I thought they deleted Game Center lol shows what I know… really?

a little research

Wow that’s just a whole nother kit to learn isn’t it hahaha dang it @mikaelacaron how dare you help me … uh I mean thank you!

Edit: I found this and of course apple’s documentation that I’m not quite fluent in yet lol

If you look at Apple Arcade, all those games use Game Center

The app was depreciated, it’s now found in settings