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What database to use

So I have been asked to build a sort of CRM for a local company. I was thinking of building something nocode, like a bubble app. But here’s the question…

Down the road they want me to build an ios app to connect to the webapp with shared data between the two.

Any suggestions on what database I should I use? is there a reliable connection between ios and bubble for shared data?

Generally I don’t like no-code tools because I’m a developer and usually they just lead to headaches down the road, but they have their place, and can work.

From what I can tell, yes bubble.io, would be fine, because with a paid plan there’s access to an API. I didn’t see too many details about that but as long as the API let’s you send / receive JSON, your iOS app will be able to interact with it

I agree with @mikaelacaron, no code tools will lead to problems down the road. If you are tasked with creating an app to interact with a web application and share data, I would suggest sql server or something similar as the back end database. The company you are building the app for probably already has this in place. You can then use web services to communicate with the backend db via JSON objects.