What Do I Do After making the tab bar?

Hey guys,

Overview: I’m in the middle of the course, but I decided that I should try to implement whatever I learned and start my app that I’ve been dying to make.

Question 1: I just finished making the tab bar using the Tab Bar Controller and Navigation Bar Controllers for each tab. I used the SF Symbols pack for the tab bar symbols. What should I do next?
(BTW I used Chris’s article on tabbed bar applications)

Question 2: I didn’t connect the storyboard to the code using outlets, but I connected a button to another view controller using the relationship segue (pressing ctrl and dragging.) Is that enough for the app to work or do I have to use outlets? It works the way I want it to on the simulator btw.

Thanks for your help!

The tab bar controller sets up everything you need to go between tabs!

You should have view controllers for each tab, and you can begin adding controls (like buttons and labels) and everything else!