Where are the assets for the challenge of lesson 4?

hey there, I’m doing the 14 days beginner challenge and can’t find the challenge assets of lesson 4. I need some help.

Hi Francine,

Welcome to the Code Crew community.

In the course, go to the Before You Begin section and select Resources from the Topics listed.

On that page tap on the link All resources, projects and code

That will take you to a Dropbox folder structure related to each lesson. Click on the lesson folder you are interested in to see the contents. There is a download button to the top right of your screen so tap on that to download all of the contents of that lesson.

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Hey chris!
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I can’t find the section you mentioned: Before you begin.

I found it! :tada: Thanks for your help!

Thank You! I almost threw my Mac at the wall. J/K! Hahah