Where to begin?

Hi everyone!
I searched everywhere but i couldn’t find a clear answer anywhere so i’m hoping you guys can lend me a hand.

I would ultimately like to make simple kids game apps, although i have zero programming/coding experience.

Is there anything i should focus on learning first( any specific language) before i start learning swift?

Every tutorial i look at feels like they go through with the assumption that you already know a language or two and are now diving into swift.

Can i jump straight into swift and learn to make kids games that way? or should i learn like python first?

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @DM445 Welcome to the community!

If you have not signed up for Chris’ beginner course, I highly recommend it. You will create to game apps in the course and it is a brilliant jumping off place!

It was the perfect start for me.

Good luck.

Check out https://approadmap.io to figure out what you need to learn to build your app