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Where to go from WC game and Menu App

Hi guys!

I’m a total beginner to programming, but I’ve finished the course on the War Card game and the Menu app, including the FREE 9 lesson course on “more complex” apps. I just bought the CWC+ and wondering what the next course I should do to increase my progress?

I started the TicTacToe course, but after some minutes I found it was a bit past my level at this time.



Welcome to the community.

The “iOS Foundations 2023 (SwiftUI)” also has the Restaurant App (Module 3) and the Guidebook App (Module 4). All the lessons are available for the Restaurant App in Module 3 but not all of the lessons are available for the Guidebook App as Chris Ching is still releasing videos weekly.

Each of the Modules introduce new concepts and reinforce those you’ve covered in the earlier modules.

Great, thank you!