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Where to learn Objective-C from?

I have finished iOS foundations, Databases and Design course, Now I am starting with UIKit and Objective-C but couldn’t find resources for Obj-C, Also how to run Obj-C files from Xcode??

Welcome to the community!! Why are you learning Objective-C?

At this point it’s really not necessary, for a complete beginner, instead you can learn UIKit with Swift

When you create a new project in Xcode, there’s this dialog “Choose options for new project”: There you can choose Objective-C as the language.

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Hi Michael,

I would have to agree with Mikaela in what she is saying regarding Objective C. Swift is the way to go.

If you really want to learn Objective C then it is possible that you might find some tutorials on YouTube (not that I have looked).

You can follow Chris’ old tutorials, but I wouldn’t recommend it cause the Xcode version is dramatically different

Paul Hudson from Hacking With Swift has Objective-C for Swift developers books / courses