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Where to start iOS development

Hi Chris,

I have recently join the program hoping to start coding for iOS.
I am professional developer and I have been coding for more then 20 year. Basically coding in Microsoft technologies especially c#. I thought Swift is a nice language to code for iOS. I am already familiar with programming concepts just want to lean swift syntax. What is the best course to start the journey? I also recently bought MacBook for that purpose and wanted to write some apps for the App Store.


Welcome to the community Hasnain!!

This series is all about Swift, you’ll know the concepts but see the syntax here

Start with the 14 day beginner challenge and go from there

You can learn SwiftUI, which is new, released in 2019, or UIKit which is the “traditional” way of creating apps that precedes SwiftUI

Both are useful but if you’re just wanting to learn, go with SwiftUI otherwise if your goal is an iOS job, you’ll need to learn UIKit