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Where to start?

Hello Chris and Team,

I want to learn app development. I have always wanted to learn since 5 years but every time failed miserably.

The market is full of tutorials, references and that confuses me the most.

How/Where do I start. I do see courses listed here but what confuses me the most is how to progressively go with the courses for e.g. there is 90 days of app development and there is Learn Swift. Which one to pick and execute first is confusing.

I need and want your assistance here to help me with my app dev journey.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Welcome Vardhan! if your completely new to iOS and app development I would do the “Learn iOS in 90 days” first. It’ll teach all the basic you need to get started (iOS ecosystem, Xcode to build apps, Swift basics etc.)

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