Which course should I go for?

Hello, I am a complete beginner on Swift and have completed the 2 free courses (Card Game and Menu app) but I found it insufficient to build my app.

I am trying to build an app
i) with numerous instances with different fields / properties. Also, I need to include a feature where people can choose from the instances or input their answers, which will be shown on the app as records (using a list). I can do a SQLite database but I do not know how to link it to xcode and fetch data from the database. It will also be good if I can save all the instances only on xcode.

ii) with multiple views which users can change from one view to another when triggering an action (e.g. a button)?

iii) with social media features. I assume with these features, login credentials should be essential (correct me if I am wrong). How can I connect my app to the network and deal with the login and user-generated data?

Which course should I take?


You could do all that with CoreData if you didn’t want to use an external database like Firebase.

This is where you would need something like Firebase which can handle Authentication and storing user generated data.

As far as a social media like app is concerned, it might be worth having a look at the Chat App but keep in mind that since Chris Ching created that course, there have been changes to Firebase which may or may not be challenging for you to resolve. There are some notes in the course introduction which alludes to that. It’s still a relevant course though it really is for those who are experienced in SwiftUI and have a good understanding of Firebase and who are comfortable with debugging.

There are plans for it to be updated at some stage. Being an App that is designed for a multi user environment you will need to be able to set up more than one simulator device so that each device is a “user” who “owns” that device and logs in as such. It’s tricky but is worth the effort when you see it working nicely.