Which direction for developing this "second page" should I take?

I have some data that’s got to get displayed on a “page 2” .

Page 2 is just two columns of “names” (labels most likely) with an adjacent label next to each. Stacked and such to rotate and present nicely.

What’s the best way to get there?

A separate storyboard?
A new view controller and swift file?

I’d like to just swipe right to reveal this page (and maybe have a faint arrows on the right margin to lead a finger over there to swipe…the reverse on page 2 to swipe back).

I’m reading up all I can find, but any hints along the way are greatly appreciated. The help I’ve gotten on this site has been great so far too.

Hi @thirtywest

I would do a new detail view viewController and swift file with its code. If the new view is further actions on the current dataset Apple suggests a modal view that swipes up form the bottom.

You can set the presentation of either direction of the presenting view to full screen, however

If you need help coding the swipe action, just shout out.


Hey there,

No, it’s just a table with data that’s calculated on page 1. I’d like a long press on half the labels to pop-up a few more items, but the gist is just a table with more data than can fit easily on page 1.

This doesn’t call for a new storyboard? Only a new view controller?

I need to clarify that. I’ve been reading.

I can make it work (at least getting the VC’s going) by connecting a button modally (with or without a new swift file).

Is this considered poor practice? Not using a navigation controller? That big bar at the top has kinda ruined what was a long process of stack view-ing. :).

One VC is just contact info and a URL to the privacy page. the other is a table of 20 labels that will get populated with some stuff from the root VC.

The sliding up from the bottom isn’t bad looking either. I kind of like it because it “feels” like a temporary page and not something to get lost in, that way.

If you use the navigationController in your parent view to"present" the other VC you can do avoid having the navigationBar visible by doing this for example:

guard let vc = storyboard?.instantiateViewController(identifier: "YourVC") as? YourViewController else {
            fatalError("Unable to instantiate YourViewController")
vc.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
navigationController?.present(vc, animated: true)

I think I’ve got i. So far so good.