Which method signature is being used?

Kudos to Chris and company for putting together such great material. I am new to everything being discussed - Xcode, Swift, SwiftUI - but the videos are very well done so easy to follow.

To get a better understanding of what just happened, I want to consult the documentation, which is overwhelming. I cannot find the tree in the forest!

For example, in this usage:

        List(landmarkData) { landmark in
            NavigationLink(destination: LandmarkDetail(landmark: landmark)) {
                LandmarkRow(landmark: landmark)

Breaking this into pieces: List(landmarkData)

Is this “Creating a List” and invoking one of the dozen or so described init() methods, or is this one of the four initializers, and if so, which one? https://developer.apple.com/documentation/swiftui/list

This is just one example, so any advice or general guidance for marrying code usage to supporting documentation would be greatly appreciated. If Xcode has any help that would be nice to know about too. I know it has syntax-assist if starting from List( but that doesn’t identify which form was used for a completed line of code.


Honestly I’m not exactly sure which one this is (I haven’t really looked into SwiftUI)

The best way to understand the docs is by first looking at a doc where you fully understand the code for it

Something like this doc for table views (that’s if you understand table views).

You can always command + click on a function and then “Show Quick Help” and this will show you the official docs for any piece of code

It’s this one: