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White Page in Xcode 14.3

today i was following through in Making a Tic Tac Toe Game - Introduction and Setup (Lesson 1-2)
near the end of the video the page went white as soon as i added


from this code

.navigationTitle(“Xs and Os”)
.fullScreenCover(isPresented: $startGame) { GameView()

i tried looking everywhere for a solution but i couldn’t, thanks

Welcome to the community!! Sometimes Xcode gets confused with custom stuff like this

Try to clean the project with Cmd + Shift + K and build again and resume the preview and see if it appears

The solution code is available via a link in the Introduction section of the course.

The link takes you to a Dropbox folder in which each of the course Lesson has a solution up to that point in the course.

Check your code against the code in the Lesson you are up to.

the problem was in ViewModifiers file but im not exactly sure what was the problem since it didn’t let me undo

Are you seeing any kind of error, or you’re still seeing a blank canvas, even after cleaning and building again?

[quote=“AZooz, post:5, topic:23398”]
i didn’t see any errors but I fixed the problem, it was in ViewModifiers file but I’m not exactly sure what the problem was because when I pasted the code from the premade one didn’t let me undo so i wasn’t able to compare

It seems like you may have had a typo somewhere, probably?