Why can't "j" be found in scope?

Abit confused why J cant be found.

I am trying to click on the navigation link and open up a whole new view that shows title and the paragraph. How Chris did (shown in the second picture)

In your JournalView, remove the $ sign.

In your DetailView, remove the @Binding wrapper and leave it as just a var…

My approach to solving this challenge is a little different than yours. My suggestion above did not work for me either so this is the way I went about it:

I have a LazyVGrid as you do but I am not using a NavigationLink to get to the DetailView.

The challenge says to present the DetailView as a .sheet so with that in mind I used an onTapGesture to present the sheet.

Before doing that I declared a State property to store the name of the image to be passed to the DetailView and named it selectedImage. I also declared a Boolean which will be used to trigger the sheet to be shown and named that isShowingDetail with an initial value of false.

In the DetailView I declared a @Binding var imageName: String

In the body of that View I added an Image(imageName) and added a couple of modifiers to allow the image to be resized and set the aspectRatio to fit.

Back in the Home view I added the onTapGesture and in that I set selectedImage to be the current journal entry imageName and also set isShowingDetail to be true.

The sheet was configured as:

.sheet(isPresented: $isShowingDetail, content: {
    DetailView(imageName: $selectedImage)

…and that works fine.

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Thanks chris, the previous solution (the first one you told me) that worked. Thank you !