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Why does website lose my position in course?

I’m quite a few lessons into the 90 course and when I logged in now, the history is gone and it has me starting at the beginning again. Yes I have been logged in when taking the course and am logged in now.

How to fix? How to stop from happening again?



Hi John,

Welcome to the code crew community.

Did you at any stage delete all your browsing history?

No , did not delete browser history.

It appears that it still remembers quizzes and completions if I click on a lesson but doesn’t show it on the course outline view.

Hmmm, not sure what the issue could be. As you complete each lesson, do you tap on the “Complete & Continue” button at the bottom of the screen for each Lesson?

Yes I do. Note, after completing a new lesson, the course outline now has all the previous courses marked done. Not sure what the glitch is but am ok for now.


That’s good to know.