Why is my text not visible?

I’ve already made it so it has multiple lines and haven’t added any constraints regarding the right side, why is it cutting?

The constraints:

I’d say add a trailing constraint and see if it still cuts off

The red lines are xcode’s way of telling you that you are missing constraints and it doesn’t know how to size the controls.

@Marta keep this in mind:

You do not need a constraint for every layout attribute. Some values may come directly from a constraint; others will be computed by the values of related layout attributes. For example, if a view’s constraints set its left edge and its right width, then the right edge is already determined (left edge + width = right edge, always).

As a rule of thumb, you need at least two constraints per dimension (horizontal and vertical)

Hey Marta, try this!

I had this problem while learning the Match App and discovered that if you reduce the size of the font it shows all the text.