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Wildsparrow's Car Listing App (Community App Challenge)

I’m happy to see that the community app challenges are back. And the current one is a nice project, so let’s get it started!

Here are my initial thoughts:

  • I will list cars, of course, and I decided to list the modern silver arrow cars from the AMG Petronas Formula One Team (2010 - today). That’ll be 11 cars, with a distinct start (2010, when Mercedes re-joined the Formula 1 with its own team) and end, so the content is coherent and provides enough room for filtering.
  • The car pictures will be image assets. The data for each car will be stored in a single JSON file. This will be an offline app, thus, no downloadable content and no network requests.
  • Code will be shared via github.
  • I will try to prototype the app in Figma. Colors will be mainly silver, black, turquoise (team colors). Maybe I will add a dark mode, let’s see.

Let’s recap the requirements (slightly modified to fit my app) and stages:

Stage Gold:

  • All data will be retrieved from a JSON file.
  • List of the cars; the cars will be presented in their own card.
  • Each card will contain the car picture, car name, and F1 year.

Stage Platinum:

  • Cards can be expanded by tapping them. Only one card can be expanded; the remaining will be collapsed automatically.
  • By default, the first card is expanded when opening the app
  • Expanded details will include (but is not limited to) the drivers in that season, and some statistics, such as: Overall championship points, overall podiums, if a world championship was won by a driver and/or team (so the amount of content will vary and the cards will be expanded accordingly)

Stage Diamond:

  • Implementing the filter section
  • Two filters. One for team championship won/not won, and maybe one for overall points? Thinking of a slider from min to max points and this data is retrieved from the JSON file (so not hard coded, as in a real life app this data could change every year or if the app would also include other teams, then the min/max points per season would be different for each team)

Dark and Light mode. Differences are: Text, shadows, cards background, overall background.

Colors look good on my MacBook, but a little bit dull on my external Acer Display. May change the font type to be more aligned with the logo font style.


Initial GitHub: