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Wiz's NBA Stats App Journal

Hey CodeCrew,

Ok, Here I go!!

Layout of my screens :


  • TabView:

    1. Matches
      • List of Games
    1. Standings
      • Teams -both division
    1. Following
      • Lists of teams following
  • Detail Screen
    Still in progress

  • List of teams (for adding a team to the following list)

I will also be working with the recommended API : SportsData.io


Did not get the chance to do as much I wanted to this week but So far I have the basic layout and I will start working on the API calls next

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Ok, so I manage to get all the functionality completed. I still have a few tweaks to make with the API calls, which should be completed by tomorrow.

In the Matches screen, I created 2 Sections one for all the games and the top section is for the user’s favorite teams that have an upcoming match on that date

For the favorite screen, I added a button to allow the user to add as many teams as deserved

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Looks fantastic :+1:t2: …. But Bucks can’t be on 4th with that W-L ratio?

lol yea good catch… I think they should actually be third. I will see what’s going on

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Consider making your Standing struct conform to Comparable then you can sort on percentage.

Thanks man, I never used Comparable before but I will check it out

And its done!

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