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Wiz's Stock tracker App

Time to take on the Stock tracker app
A little late to the party but I am still going to give it a go and get it completed by the deadline.

So far I managed to create a basic UI

My next objective is to perform the network call to the stock API

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It looks amazing, Please share the code if you don’t mind I won’t post it anywhere :cowboy_hat_face:, I am unable to understand any of the thing.

Want to see how to make it.

No problem, I will post it on GitHub and share the link

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Chris will also be sharing his solution as well

Great job!! :clap::clap:

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So I was going to working on making the network call but since Chris decided to expend the deadline (thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) I decided to create two other Screens which only contains dummy data for now

Now is time to work on making the network call to the API

Nice work! Did you use cocoa pods at all?

Your work looks pretty clean. Well done!

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@pistacho thanks man, Well I did use a 3rd party library called iLineChart for creating the graphs but I used the swift package manager not cocoa pods.

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Well, here it is wink:

Changes to the last code:

I managed to complete all three screens, the main, search, and detail screen.

Stock API: twelvedata.com

Main Screen

Just a Basic list of all the stocks that are added. I used iLineChart library to create the graph and populate that with daily stock data from the API.

Search Screen:
It was really interesting creating a search feature in SwiftUI. The API only allows me to pull stocks from the US on the free account but I think that would be more than enough lol. Also implemented the feature to add stocks to the main screen by storing the stock in userDefaults.

Detail Screen
I have to admit I actually love this design, I got some inspiration from Dribble for this screen.
Added a feature to change the graph data using the buttons by various frequency(min, hour, day, week, month, year)

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That looks really nice, great work :slight_smile:

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