WKWebView hidden under Home Swipe Gesture

When developing a basic application that displays a website, I would like to have it full screen with the exception of the notch on the top of my iPhone XR.

I have followed the tutorials and set up constraints (left,bottom,right all relative to SuperView and top relative to safe area) however I am getting some sort of white space at the bottom of the device where the ‘Home swipe bar’ is.

This only seems to be the case when using storyboard and linking my WKWebView element to the ViewController as IBOutlet.

If I create the WebView manually in the ViewController and set constraints in there I do not get this issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue before and how did they get around it using the storyboard. Cheers

Delete your constraint for the bottom.

Set it this way:

  1. Uncheck constrain to margins
  2. In the drop down select view, not safe area
  3. Now set that to 0
  4. Add constraint
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I had already taken these steps and had no effect in my case. After some additional testing I think my problem was never the app in the first place. My target website just fails to render correctly (full screen) as I have been able to get the desired effect working with other urls.

Thank you for your input though :grinning: