Good morning , still confused on unwrapping . Have a wrapped
var catagory: Catagory? which gives the error
Cannot assign value of type ‘String’ to type ‘Catagory?’
subcatagory.catagory = selectedCatagory
I think the subcategory.catagory needs to be unwrapped to assign it the selectedCatagory from the Picker. I tried Let but can’t seem to get it .
Any advice is appreciated

This error has nothing to do with unwrapping an Optional. It’s saying that the value you are assigning (selectedCatagory) is a String but the variable you are trying to assign it to (subcatagory.catagory) is a Catagory?. You cannot assign a String value to a Catagory? variable.

Thanks for the quick reply, just had to extend to subcatagory.catagory?.name = selectedCatagory to assign.