Wrong IOS version

Hi, I have created an app where people who work as freelance can make a worksheet per month. My problem is now that I didn’t realize what ios version I was coding for. So my app only support the newest ios 13. I want my app til be compatible with older versions. Is there a easy fix for this or must I code everything from scratch?

Thanks for your reply

func stackOverFlow(name: String) {
print(“Dear(name) please refer to stack overflow as mentioned by Chris”)

stackOverFlow(name: “Vegard”)

What do you mean with stack overflow?

maybe this can help?

Thanks, I have tried this. And it looked like it should work, but when I try to build it, I get an error message saying that function types in the appdelegate and scenedelegate are only available for the newest ios 13. Is there a work around for this? Or would I have to start a new project in older xcode version?

I also tryed to set the target version to lower version in a new project with no code and same problem there. Is there an setting I’ve overlooked when creating a new project?

oh wait. the problem is swift 5 code wont be compatible with earlier versions like swift 4.2

you might really want to re-do your app by changing the development target and change some codes that needs to be changed

Ok, does anyone know what code I would have to change?

I will look in to it when I get some spare time, and post my results here if I find a solution.

Thanks so far for the guidance

it should show what build errors you will encounter and what you need to change once you do it