WWDC 2023 | Vision Pro | State of the Union

No body’s talking about it here yet so I’m starting this now!

Just watched the WWDC2023 launch and the State of the Union, and I am SO HYPED for Vision Pro. I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS!!!

Personally I CANNOT WAIT for next year to use Xcode in AR with plenty of huge screens all around me! And to imagine the AR/VR versions of my future apps, especially for productivity apps.

Will CWC plan courses on creating prototypes for VisionPro? Since we’ll already be able to start development this year on the simulator with Xcode 15. There’s already an ARKit course on CWC+ to get us started. Will we also have an updated CoreData course for using SwiftData?

And how about you fellow codecrew, what are you most hyped about? I’m curious to know!


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several cool things came out this year… I saw 3200 for the VR headset. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, but really liked what I did see. exciting time!

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yes very exciting!! :smiley:

Hi Raph, yeah Vision Pro looks so good!

However, i’m cautiously optimistic and would like to see/hear some real user tests and feedback on the device first!

Right now, we’re playing around with the betas to experiment with SwiftData and the other announcements!

We’ll share our findings on YT and socials. I wouldn’t want to add anything related to betas into CWC+ since it’ll have a high likelihood of being outdated before these things get officially released.

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Hi Chris!

I’m getting carried away by the hype train haha but you’re absolutely right we should remain cautiously optimistic until we get feedback from real users!

Glad to know you guys are experimenting with SwiftData and the rest. Understood for CWC+, indeed waiting for the official release makes perfect sense.

Thanks for your reply and happy WWDC! :smiley:

This guy from “Adam Savage Tested” got his hands on the Vision Pro device.

At $3500 US you would want to be well heeled to fork out that kind of dosh. In Australia that translates to $5,200 + so I don’t know anyone in my circle of friends who would contemplate throwing that kind of money around.

The first gen is for sure going to be for “very early adopter” kind of people.

I completely understand your point on pricing, as I most definitely cannot afford one at the moment haha. But I’ve been dreaming of building stuff in AR/VR for a very, very long time! So I’m making it a priority to be able to get one when it comes out. So excited to get into this space (pun intended)

Thanks a lot for the link, will watch soon!

@CalStark if you have any AR/VR ideas let me know!! Haha I’m looking for an idea to build! DM me on social media, I’d love to chat :slight_smile:

The headset is expensive, but it’s the price of a MacBook Pro. It has tons of sensors and cameras, so the price point makes sense.

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Sure, I DM’d you on insta :slight_smile:

And I agree. Feels like this device packs a ton of tech to justify the cost. It’s not “expensive”, it’s " very costly" (albeit that’s the kind of thing people usually say in the Luxury sector haha)

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I’m brand new to CWC and app development as a whole. My initial goals right now are about learning and eventually mastering creating apps designed for iPhone, but am hoping that a lot of that experience carries over to Apple Vision Pro if that is indeed the ‘next big thing’ that potentially replaces iPhone as technology gets smaller, better, and more affordable for general population. (not everyone has $3,500, myself included :sweat_smile:).

Very promising tech but this Pro model is probably not going to be the model that gains mass adoption, and that’s alright. Let it iron out the bugs, future iterations will get better year over year.

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You can do it!! Yes all knowledge around SwiftUI will translate to visionOS, but yes this is a product that won’t get mass adoption yet!

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I wonder if I’ll be able to study with the CodeWithChris video courses in augmented reality with the vision pro :thinking: just have giant virtual screens floating. One to watch video courses, one to code along in Xcode.

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Yup that’s 100% possible using the Vision Pro

It’s for sure going to be possible to watch videos on it! Love the idea of having one giant screen to display the lessons, and another maybe smaller, closer to you to code along like you said and type stuff.

I’m also looking forward to collaborate with it. Imagine sharing those giant virtual screens with other people, that would be insane

People could also have their digital personas so it feels more like talking face-to-face when you collaborate on code for a project inside Vision Pro, I just hope I’m not hyping myself up too much for the tech. Hoping it really delivers on this future they’re selling us with the marketing. Will be potentially life changing if it’s all true.

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This would be adding a FaceTime call to whatever you’re doing, which is possibly too. Jordi and Malin share their experience here, they both got to try it