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Xcode 13 firebase googleservice info plist error

I have tried to set up firebase on a new project but when I have done


it keeps coming up with the error of that a google p list can’t be found but I have downloaded the plist from firebase and added it to the project by drag and drop and through adding it from files

please help I have tried to google it but nothing comes up for Xcode 13

hi guys I have fixed the issue somehow after building it a few more times it was the same then out of no where it stopped and no error came up

Ensure that the plist file you downloaded is named EXACTLY as follows:


If you have downloaded the file previously and the download destination is your “Download” folder then macOS does not overwrite it, rather renames the latest version by adding a number on the end of the filename. When you drag that file into your project you will need to rename is as above.

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thankkyou chris I think that may have been my issue