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Xcode 14 problems?

I’m new here and feeling a bit wary about starting the courses because I notice Chris uses Xcode 12 when the latest version is Xcode 14. Will I run into a lot of problems or discrepancies? I’ve tried an IOS development course on Udemy and ran into this very problem. The course videos were using Xcode 12 so some of the instructions weren’t accurate to Xcode 14 and I kept getting stuck. Sometimes I could get unstuck by Googling for answers, but it was very frustrating as a learner to have to move really slowly through the lessons because they were using an older version of xcode.

I’ve gone through the fundamentals and ChatApp courses. If you come across issues, it could be in a video farther down the lesson list. The Recipe app for instance I believe was one that had a bug or change-code vid at the end. You won’t have to google answers here :slight_smile:

Should you have any questions however, this forum will help you.

Enjoy Chris’s content!

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Thanks for your reply. I’m doing the 14 day beginner challenge and I’m not seeing any added videos at the end for changes or updates. I suppose I can just give it a try and see if I get stuck.

Oh… yeah in that case, there’s no code issues. He also made an updated one by the way.
The 8 day one is the updated one. I honestly haven’t gone over his 8 day one to see the differences, but It’s to build the same app.

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Oh good to know! Thanks! I’ll try the 8 day one instead then.