Xcode 15 issue : driver threw unknown argument error

My native ios project working fine on xcode 14, ios 16 simulator and devices, but recently i updated to xcode 15, and ios 17, getting this error -

  • driver threw unknown argument: '-bvvutkjqcsvcmlfdhxkrjtgqdzeg/build/intermediates.noindex/' without emitting errors.

  • already did everything - like restarted, deep clean, derived data clean, pod updates, cocoa pod updated, scheme duplicates,increasing minimum deploymnet target, but no luck at all - and this issue also has zero presense in all online programming communities like stackoverflow, apple developer forum, reddit etc.

  • the project was running absolutely fine on xcode 14, the help will be really appreciated, thanks in advance, if any detail needed please ask. I am looking for it since last 3 days.

  • this is my pod file