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Xcode App Converted to Android App

Hi everyone. I found the YouTub channel very helpful. So much so that I am considering buying a Mac just to use Xcode and try to create my app idea. However, my vision is to have a web-based platform and an app compatible with Android users in addition to the iOS app I am going to try and create. Has anyone attempted this with success? I am curious to know if I will have to create two entirely different apps and link them or if there is a way to simply transfer Xcode to another program. Unless there is a similar Xcode app that works as a builder for both iOS and Android? Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the community!

You can’t just convert an iOS app immediately to Android.

What you may be interested in making is a cross platform app. Like using Flutter or React Native, which allows you to write one codebase and deploy to both iOS and Android at once

Using Xcode you can only make an iOS app, or you can use Android Studio and make an Android only app, but with Flutter (or React Native) you can make one codebase and deploy to both

I can answer general questions, but this forum is specifically for iOS development with Xcode

Thank you for the quick response. Very helpful information. My fear was spending days creating an app that was limited to iOS. I will start looking into Flutter to see how similar it is to Xcode. Thanks again!

Flutter is the framework, I’m not sure the IDE it uses, but Xcode is an IDE that’s used for making iOS apps

Ya I just watched a tutorial and it’s pretty in-depth and definitely seems to require a lot of training and time before I could be able to perfect it or get it to where I want it to be. I am thinking the best route might just be to partner with a developer in exchange for equity. Lol I will figure something out.

Yes! Building an app takes a lot of work! :joy:

Good luck!