Xcode AutoLayout Constrains Change from 0 to "Standard"

I noticed that when I created a background for my Xcode project the other day that when I was inserting a background using Auto Layout the Add New Constraints option would change my 0 to Standard. I noticed that if I added the constraints with the Standard option, it adds 20 points as the default but was able to change that default standard option to 0 by changing it afterwards.

why is this happening?
normally after I typed 0 there was a 0 on every constraint in the end.

I found an really good explanation of this problem right here but it won’t fix it longterm…and its really annoying :confused:

It is annoying. Apple really wants to protect the “safe areas” and requires this extra step.

We get this question at least weekly. It really stumps new coders.

Glad you found the video, we will point people to it.


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Yes, I also used to get confused with this, but now i just edit it back 0 in the attribute editor and it sticks. If it says standard, it will stick like it even after you remove it and readd it.

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Looks like Xcode 11.4 has not solved this issue either. If you want an imageView as a background to occupy the entire screen you have to visit the top and bottom constraints again and line them up with the Superview. Annoying.

I also have encountered this.
But i can deal with it. it’s not the end of the world after all.

Hi guys,

I had this too, but since Version 11.4 (11E146) is it now gone.