XCode constraints!


Watch the video above to see my problem

Hi everyone! I love xcode coding, and I use xcode11, but I cant add constraints. Go to vimeo link to see the problem!!


Video does not exist.

If you chop the URL down to just https://vimeo.com/user118918547/ you can see the video.

@Alex15, over in the Size inspector, change the Layout dropdown from Translates Mask Into Constraints to Automatic and you should be able to set constraints.

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If that was a brand new project you would have to ask the question how the Layout setting got to be changed from Automatic to Translates Mask Into Constraints since Automatic is the default setting and the issue would not have arisen in the first place.

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Yes it does!! Try again, I just watched it!

Thanks guys!!! At first, I didn’t know what you meant, then I realised it must be something which you could see! And it works!!