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Xcode creating Issues

When creating the project at the beginning, in the video it shows that there is a life cycle option where you can select SwiftUI app. When I open Xcode and create a project, the life cycle is not an option that I have. I have the interface and language but not life cycle. I was wondering if the new update got rid of that or if there is something on my end that is missing??

When you create your project make sure that on the first screen you select iOS at the top rather than Multiplatform and select the “App” icon then tap “Next”.

On the next screen you should should see the options to enable you to select SwiftUI or Storyboard as the “Interface” option.

Also make sure that “Use Core Data” and “Include Tests” is unchecked.

I have followed those steps and I still get the same issue.

Next I click on App and then this is the screen that I get.

What version of Xcode are you on?

I have the 13.0 version from the App Store

Can you take a screen recording and upload it here? Of what it looks like when you click File → new project

You can record your screen with QuickTime

When I try adding it to this it states that the file I am trying to upload is not authorized. Any suggestions??

You could use dropbox or google drive and then share the link here


I just double checked, they got rid of it for Xcode 13.

For a storyboard app by default the lifecycle was AppDelegate

For SwiftUI the lifecycle is different.

Depending on when you first created an app, during iOS 13 or 14, there were two different ways for tracking the lifecycle. They got rid of it probably to not confuse beginners as much

Does that mean that I am okay to proceed without having the lifecycle option available? Another words, I can proceed with the videos supplied and just ignore that option?

Yes! That sounds completely fine!