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Xcode Default Preview Device

Hello, I’m pretty new to Xcode and every time I start a new project Xcode defaults to iPod Touch 7. I want it to be default on iPhone 12 so I don’t have to change every-time I start a new project. I can’t find this information on google or maybe I don’t know the correct terms so I’m asking for help here. Thank you.

Welcome to the community! It looks like this isn’t possible unfortunately

Thanks for the info @mikaelacaron. For now we just have to switch manually I guess.

That has been the case for as long as I can remember. You could go to the trouble of setting up your own Simulator which would appear last in the list (and therefore will be the default) and set that to be the device type you prefer.

You could also just delete all the simulators, and only keep the ones you want to use.

But overall you shouldn’t do that cause you should test your app on multiple devices

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