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Xcode: First time using: Error message

I am getting two error message right out of the gate from the original “Hello World” entree code in Xcode 14.2. The errors I am getting are

  1. Could not initialize core
  2. unknown platform “appletvos” referenced as corresponding platform of…

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!


Hi Brian,

Welcome to the community.

When you created the Project, what platform options did you select from the dialog selections below when you created it?

multiplatform - “app”

I do not have the option for app under iOS. Under iOS, I only have “Swift Playground App”

For some reason, I do not have the complete platform options availabel. I only have “Mulitplatfrom, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and Other”

I don’t have “driverkit or tvOS” Maybe tuhis is my issue? Is there a patch or process to add them?

If you are new to Xcode then you should start with selecting “iOS” as the platform and then “App” as the Application.

Then select “Next” and give your project a name and select SwiftUI as the Interface (it should default to that if you are running Xcode for the first time) and then select “Next”

I do not have the option for app under iOS. Under iOS, I only have “Swift Playground App”

Oh… from the Xcode menu, did you select New and then Project or did you select New and then Playground?

New then “project”.

Think maybe I forgot to download an option or something? Should I “unistall” and reinstall again?

Probably just as easy to delete the App from the Applications folder and reinstall from the App Store.

I have to go out for an hour so I’ll be back to see how you have managed.

Awesome! Thank you so far! I’ll keep u updated!

When Xcode has completed installing, run it and allow it to install the additional components.

When that has completed close Xcode and then restart your Mac.

That ensures that all the necessary components that were installed are recognised.

Open Xcode and make sure that you see the right details on that Project selection screen.

Re-install seemed to work!


No problem. That’s good news.