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Xcode freezes, spinning wheel never stops

What du you do when this symbol in XCode never stops running and it doesn´t excecute the code. Quite simple code. If a restart (sometimes a couple of times) it suddenly works. But it is quite irritating and slows down the programming.

Nothing happens when I press stop.

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Welcome to the community!!
If it’s an ongoing problem like this, it seems to be an issue with Xcode or your machine.

I’d uninstall Xcode and re-install it

I just updated it. THat didn´t work. But I moved my files from iCloud. Mayby it was an bad idea storing them there. It seem to work better after that.

I’d recommend keeping the files on your computer, and using git as a backup

Definitely a good idea. I usually move my completed projects to iCloud. Keep them locally while working while using git as a backup.