Xcode frustrations

Thank you Chris for great tutorials,
Getting frustrated by Xcode though, followed your instructions for adding constraints to background to fill screen but when I start entering the first 0 value the other 3 boxes values change to “standard” instead of being able to fill all four boxes with zeros, is it to do with Xcode settings or a different version of Xcode.

Also how do you delete an object from storyboard, doesn’t appear to be a easy as you would think and positioning them as for Forground etc, at one point after entering swift code all labels and images went behind the background, could find an easy way to bring them back.

Have started from beginning about 4 times now but it’s good practice just frustrating when you don’t understand why somethings are happening.

Hi Mike,

For your first paragraph, I do experience the same thing with Xcode. What I do, once I choose the concern constraints, I go to Size Inspector and change “Standard” to 0. And it fix my issue. I am not sure yet if it can be set in the any preference. Hope this helps.

Happy coding!

Xcode has a bug in it with setting constraints.

Instead of setting all 4 constraints at once, do them each individually.

What are you trying to do with deleting?? You should be able to just click delete on any object.

About the background/foreground, are you sure you’re setting the constraints properly?

Thanks for the replies, I will try setting constraints as suggested, obviously when things have gone wrong I tried to just delete any offending object but couldn’t do it, tried right click to get an option on storyboard also tried right clicking in the objects pane but never saw any option to delete?

Did a little coding with Visual Basic some years ago now on windows, found the Visual Basic method very useful, having ago in Xcode now as I am completely Apple now, Xcode looked to work in a similar way to vb but is a large program and a little overwhelming at times. Would be useful to be able to pair back some of the menus etc for a more basic layout for beginner projects just adding more options etc when ready or needed.

Not sure what is happening layer wise, I’m only using the one screen/window but everything ended up behind the background, knew they were still there by selecting in objects list

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re talking about??

Are you sure constraints are all correct?

I got there, very happy, all working fine, found delete on the top menu and also cmd and delete keys after selecting item.
constraints all sorted but doing them individually as suggested. still a little confusing with all the constraints options and bugy behaviour.

But VERY happy, thanks for the suggestions, even got the app on my phone, even if only for 7 days :o)


That’s great to hear!!
Yes sorry it is Cmd+ delete :woman_facepalming: I can’t remember until I actually do it haha

Hopefully the Xcode bug will be fixed soon by Apple