Xcode ios tv app

hello i have issue in linking buttons any time i drag the button goes along . and i am using macstadium please can i get help

Hi @juzy1

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Sorry, I have never used MacStadium. Is it another IDE?

If it was Xcode, I might be able to help. Maybe some who uses MacStadium will come along, you might also want to check their support pages:


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Based on your extremely limited description I can think of only one thing: Are you holding down ctrl while dragging?

i will like to know how you can help

Hello please how can i connect with you


Sorry I missed this.

I am not sure as I don’t know anything about MacStadium.

If you need help with Xcode, give us a little more detail about what you are experiencing.


thanks i have talke to the macstadium support about that . i just need to see what i need to do persistense stream on https on ios develop

@FoundationSW Macstadium is another software to have a virtual machine running macOS. It’s not an IDE