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Xcode is attempting to compile my Swift project as a C/C++ project?

I have an unusual problem:

  1. I used Xcode to develop the Swift project that is part of “module two, the recipe list application”.
  2. At the same time I am also learning C++ for the development of cpp unit test cases and I found that I could do this in Xcode.
  3. When I switched back to continue finishing the code that is part of “module two, the recipe list application”, I now find that Xcode
    is now trying to compile my Swift project using a C/C plus plus compiler.

How do I tell Xcode to use the swift compiler?

Try cleaning the build folder to see if that resets the project in some way. I have not delved into what compile options are available but I did notice that in the Build Settings panel, these are the settings I see for this particular very basic SwiftUI project.

Actually I might be not understanding the error messages in some swift code that I am debugging. It might be best to Close this issue for now; and I will raise a separate issue to do with the problems I am having with defining my model Recipe class as part of module 02, lesson 12. Wait out!