Xcode- problem run testing app

hey I just finished the second video i got all the main things down and had the app page ready. I just wanted to testrun the app

It never ran it properly, It showed my project for a couple of seconds and then just showed the “hello,World!” label on the test run, is there way I could fix this?

Welcome to the community Tanish!

Did you create everything in main.storyboard???

NOT LaunchScreen.storyboard??

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I suspect that when you initially created your project that you selected SwiftUI as the “User Interface” rather than Storyboard. If you have a file in your project Navigator section called ContentView then that would confirm that you have inadvertently selected SwiftUI.

The solution in that case is ti create a new project and select Storyboard as the User Interface and then build your UI elements in Main.storyboard


YES!! this worked thank you so much for your help.

Yeah, All my stuff was on “Launchscreen.storyboard” due to the user interference being on SwiftUI. But, the solution from Chris parker helped me fix that.

Thank you asking!!