Xcode showing missing files not present in folder

Hi guys!

I run into an issue while cloning a project from GitHub (GitHub - DawidBazan/Cryptfolio at develop) that I wanted to work on. I installed all the pods and opened the .xcworkspace file, however when I tried to run the app I got a build error like this:

error: Build input file cannot be found: '/Users/mateusz/Cryptfolio/Cryptofolio/Constants.swift' (in target 'Cryptofolio' from project 'Cryptofolio')

I looked online for solutions and know that sometimes xCode cannot locate files and their path has to be set manually, however this time, the file it is referring to in the error (Constants.swift) is not in the files of the repo from GitHub. I also looked in the files on the git repo itself online, however this file never existed there either.

Below I attach a screenshot of the missing file in xCode and the folder in Finder. Does anyone know what the issue might be? How does xCode come up with a file that is not in the folder to begin with?

I would very much appreciate any help, that’s the only error I get while building the app.
Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 15.44.28|690x451

For whatever the reason, the author may have removed the Constants.swift file or forgot to add it to the file list to commit to GitHub in the first place. The project is a bit useless without it too unless you can figure out what you need to add to that file to make it work.

I created an Issue on his GItHub account for that project so we shall see if he fixes it.