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Xcode shows blank screen when running app

Hi! I’m using swiftui and the latest version of Xcode to build an app. I’ve followed this video of Chris’s Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2020 - Custom iOS Login Page (Swift) - YouTube but when I try running the app on an iPhone 11 simulator, only a blank page shows up.
Whereas Chris can see the first login/signup page when he does it.

I have added pictures of the code for one of the view controllers (they are all set up the same).


Welcome to the community.

Open your storyboard and select the NavigationController.

Over on the right hand Inspector panel, select the “Attributes Inspector” icon and then look down the list of attributes till you see the ViewController group. Where you see “Is Initial View Controller”, ensure that it is checked.

By setting that as the initial View Controller, that indicates the entry point for the Application and when you now run the App on your simulator you should see the initial screen.

Thank you!
I’ve tried that now and the issue stills remains unfortunately.
Do you perhaps have any more tips on what the issue can be?
Many thanks.

Can you compress the entire project into a zip file and post to DropBox or Google Drive and create a share link and post in a reply.

If you are using Google Drive, when you Share, set the General Access to “Anyone with the Link” rather than Restricted.

Is your storyboard properly connected? In the project