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Xcode "suggest completions" not working for modifiers

Chris suggests restarting Xcode and/or rebuilding the project, but this has not worked for me.

The code is colored, so Xcode understands syntax, and will build the code if I type a modifier manually – but does not offer modifier suggestions, even in the inspect panel.

Suggestions do work for views, just not view modifiers.

Here is a 20 second loom screen recording for context.

Thank you,

Welcome to the community @mcgrealife !

To make the menu come back up use Control + Space

But because SwiftUI is so new, it doesn’t always work. Usually closing and opening Xcode fixes it for me

You could also try downloading “Dev Cleaner for Mac” it’s a Mac app that helps you save space because of Xcode. But what it does is delete some build folders too (that can help)

Hey @mikaelacaron, that was quick – thank you!

I realized if I replace Image(r.image) with an SFsymbol like Image(systemName: "pencil"), that the “suggest completions” menu returns (example screen recording). So maybe this is a bug in SwiftUI.

Either way, your tips for Control + Space and the Dev Cleaner have been useful!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Yes SwiftUI is brand new!! It was only released in 2019. It still has a lot of bugs

I’d wondered about this too. Thanks for the tip.