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xCode to GitHub Error

Hi all
All of a sudden I am getting the following error when I want to commit and push to GitHub. Any idea how I resolve this issue? I have even tried to detele ll the files locally and then pull them, which works, but it does not seem to resolve this error and it also does not seem that I can upload to GitHub either.
Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 10.01.52 pm

Hi Hannes,

You should pull changes from Github before you push your code.

It seems like they got out of sync somehow. Do you have any changes locally (on your computer) that aren’t in GitHub??

If not, (local and remote are the same) you can just completely delete the project from your computer and clone it again

Thanks Mikaela
It seems it does not matter what I try. I can try to pull, I can remove everything and build the project from scratch, no matter what I do, GitHub gives me trouble. When I try to pull, I get the following:

I have deleted all tokens, regenerated the token, added into the Preferences>Accounts, all to no avail. I never thought just getting XCode to talk with GitHub would be THIS problematic! Any pointers?

That’s a different error than last time. Git and GitHub are easy to use, but can be easy to mess up too.

Do you have any unsaved changes that are in your local repo that are not in your remote repo?

No and I have mode local backups. One question though: is it a problem to have more than one computer connected to GitHub using the same token?

Just completely delete your project and clone it again.

And overall I think there should only be one token per computer

Should every computer have a separate token?

I think, but I’m not 100% sure, you can google that and repost back here