XCode Tutorial / Version Issues

I have started to work through the Learn iOS App Development in 28 Days set of videos…I have started lesson and have hit a speed bump…the current on Xcode (version 11.4) is significantly different from the lesson’s version of Xcode (version 10.x) in that a) the items listed in the notification window are different b) UIKit is being used as opposed to SwiftUI and c) more…any suggestions as to the best method to work around this change / update as I am otherwise stuck?

Would greatly appreciate any and all assistance.

When creating new projects for “interface” select Storyboard, (this means UIKit)

UIKit is still important to learn!!! The 28 day videos are a great start!

Appreciate the response…apologies for the naive follow up but how / where do I this.



Appreciate the answer…I dug in and figured it out!

Thanks for the answer.

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Hey so I’m having an image size issue. I’m not sure what size to resize the background to since it doesn’t show up stretched out like in your auto layout tutorial.

Hi David,

that’s not important, you can change it over content mode. Just try some of the first ones to see the differences.

Yeah that wasn’t an issue I was just too hasty. My new issue is the identifier. Xcode is acting like it doesn’t have fuelLevel in its storage so it gives me this error message. I did a quick comparison and my code and Chris’s from his solution exercise are the same so why am I having issues?

I had the same error of this too. Did you try to restart Xcode? The issue solved for me as I restart my Computer next day. :slight_smile:

@David_Clark you should ask your question in your own post. Otherwise most people won’t find it and it’s not related to the original post.

Thanks kamo. It worked!

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Yeah your right. I didn’t know if the branch I picked was a general community branch for beginners and pros alike while the other branches were they’re own separate discussion.


There are different categories. Typically you can post a question in “App Development” (anything related to some kind of issue you’re having).

Community Category is for example where you could share an accomplishment, and by posting screenshots after completing by Chris’ tutorials (in the proper post). This will allow you to earn a badge!

Thank you mikaela thanks for. Eong a pal

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