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Xcode Views and Modifiers Buttons Missing from Library Panel

I was following along with Lesson 3 of the 14 Day Challenge and ran into strange behavior with Xcode.

Following is a screenshot from the lesson showing Chris’ screen:

Both the Views and Modifiers buttons are visible in the library panel even after Chris removed the Text view and modifier code from the code block.

For me, both buttons are missing:

If I add a Text view manually via the editor, the buttons become visible:

This behavior doesn’t match what is shown in the video, and I haven’t been able to find reports of this behavior reported online.

Is this a known issue? If so, is there a workaround?

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Christopher, I identified the same issue on my computer.
And I am not aware about a workaround for this behaviour.


Normal operation of the Library is that you need at least ONE view in place in order to drag new View or Modifier elements in from the Library whether you drag those elements into the Code editor or into the Canvas.


@Chris_Parker, any idea what wizardry @Chris2 is using in the video to access the Views and Modifiers buttons with no Views in the code block?

Can you provide the time stamp in the video lesson that you saw this?

@Chris_Parker starting around 8:00 he deletes the selected View and opens the library panel.

I can see what you mean. I certainly can’t replicate that in Xcode 12.5 so maybe the version of Xcode that Chris was using at the time the Lesson was created was an earlier version. :man_shrugging:

Either that or Chris is as wizard! :mage:

Thank you for checking.

I had the same problem. The preview window needs to have focus when the library is opened. Only then will it look like Chris’ in the video.




Welcome to the community.

What version of Xcode are you using?

Hi Chris, thanks for the welcome.

I’m using Xcode 12.5.1 12E507.

However, I can’t seem to replicate that solution - it’s just working as expected now, despite taking me about an hour to solve previously.


This is not working! It is going to be impossible to learn anything is if the lessons are broken like this!
Can someone please tell me what to do to make it work in Version 12.5.1 (12E507). I was looking forward to start learning and now this :frowning:


Not all of the lessons are broken.

Can you provide a screen shot of what you are seeing?

Xcode 12.5.1 works differently than the previous version which unfortunately is what everyone has to deal with over time as the product develops. That includes Chris Ching who is the author of these lessons who is equally frustrated when the rug gets pulled out from under him.

It’s just a fact of life as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is constantly refined and updated.


Keep in mind that all of the moderators here (including myself) are here to provide assistance when something does not work as expected. Often there is a simple solution that someone else has come up with that will get you to the point of being able to continue. Just hang in there.