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Iwatch App development

Hello , I hope I post this in the right section here :slight_smile:

Also totally new here … I’m looking for someone to develop a I watch app.

or of I could get any guidance in that direction would be helpful.

Thank You for your time



Hi Frank,

Welcome to the community.

Not sure if you read the rules of this community but one of the rules is:

“No solicitation. Don’t make posts offering or requesting work/services/employment.”

Aside from that you are free to ask questions about anything related to iOS Development.

The focus of this community is on iPhone Application development. Will that change in the future? I don’t know if Chris Ching has any plans to expand into iWatch Apps.

Hi Chris

No i’m sorry did not went through this.

Was not my intention to break rules.

You may remove my post from the forum.


There is no need to remove the post. It’s possible that there may be other users who have some iWatch experience who might offer some advice.