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Hello and welcome to our humble CodeCrew Community!

If you’re new around here (or if you just want to re-introduce yourself), leave a reply to introduce yourself :wave:

Let us know about your background and why you’re learning app development. Feel free to share anything else you want!

Being part of a supportive community helps you get through the inevitable rough patches when you feel like giving up.

Let’s stay strong and achieve our goals together!


Hey CodeCrew! :wave:
My name is Mikaela, I’ve been learning iOS app development since the beginning of 2019, almost a whole year.
I started learning because I think apps are fun and I always thought it’d be interesting to make one.
I want to eventually make passive income off my apps and/or freelance


Hello CodeCrew!

I’m Mark and I love to try and help folks out as much as I can, I am a bit of a maven!

I began programming in the 80’s with Apple’s HyperCard. When I discovered Code With Chris, I returned to programing with iOS while on sabbatical seven years ago and have loved every minute of Chris’ fine teaching!

Most of my apps (all free) support my staff or parish. I am an Episcopal Priest.

Ironically even though I hold multiple degrees, I am also a drop-out from high school and have never taken any higher math! I am a Vietnam era veteran so I entered college via a grandpa clause.

No formal programming training, only what Chris has taught me and I am happy to help if I can. Just ask.


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Hello CodeCrew!
My name is Wasif. I am on my 2-year journey of becoming a professional IOS and Android software developer. I am a beginner in Swift. I have been learning this language for only one month. I am also taking classes to learn C# in my college. I hope i will reach my goal in time with the help of you folks.


Hello everyone,
My name is Maksym. I’m WordPress developer. Creating websites for already 4 years.
Some customers are generous on a budget, and some are not very generous. Therefore, I am stuck in the growth of finance. In this niche, it depends on how much time you’ve spent. So if you want to earn a lot, you need to work a lot. If you don’t work at all, you don’t earn anything. This happened to me in my last travel to Asia. I want to travel, however it wasn’t as often as I expected. When you travel, you don’t earn. And every time the story repeats itself, like: new client → ask questions → send design → edits → create pages → edits → goodbye old client, hello new client → ask questions etc.
Also, creating websites is not as interesting for me as it was before.

So why I’m here: first, is to make a passive income (create my own app based on the idea I have), second learn a new niche (I already started with basic things like variables, data types, loops, and functions).

I wish I can combine creating my apps that will bring me passive income + current niche (create websites) because I already tired to find new clients and serve them, haha.

Planning to finish all projects in December and start learning SWIFT in January. And the plan is to launch my own app before summer.

Good luck to everyone!
— Maksym

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Awesome Mikaela! :raised_hands:Thanks for sharing your aspirations! Let’s help you get there!

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Hey Mark, I love that you’re building practical apps that help make everyday things easier. I can’t think of a better way to use these app dev skills.

Thanks for sharing your interesting history and for always being willing to help others! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community, Wasif!

Quite a challenge to learn multiple languages at once but it sounds like you’re handling it like a pro :slight_smile:

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Welcome Maksym! Glad to have you in our community.

When you start your Swift journey in Jan, considering starting your own learning thread in the Journal category to stay accountable!

Hello CodeCrew!

I’m Brian and I am very new to programming. I started because my company needs an IOS developer…haha

I started watching Chris’s youtube lessons and I believe it is the most in-depth and easy to follow lessons.

Hope I can be a stud developer soon by getting all the helps here :slight_smile:

Great to meet everyone!

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Hi guys, ma name’s Joel am a small developer starting out with swift and Xcode. Glad to be in this community

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Am Deva arasi…just now start my journey towards iOS app developement!!! :star_struck::smile: I don’t know how hard or stuff is this!! but my only motive is to get all the things very clearly and interested to create my own app!!

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Hey Brian, that’s awesome haha You’re in the right place! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your introduction and welcome to the CodeCrew!

Hey Joel, glad to have you! Welcome to the CodeCrew community!

Awesome Deva! It’s just like any other skill: hard at first but gets easier the more you spend time on it!

Welcome to the community!

thank you!!:smiley: And ur posts about learning iOS was very helpful to me…Got a reply was awesome…feel bright to learn!!because ur here to solve my doubts…isn’t sir?

Hello CodeCrew!
My name is Steve G.

I am a Draft Beer System Designer and have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Recently lost my 18 year old daughter who was helping me with designing the app for our company. I am not going to stop with what we were trying to build for our family and our future. I found Chris because no one will help me like I will try to help my self. This is all so new to me but I am eager to learn and develop a functioning application like I need. My brain is clear after a few years on Hiatus and looking for input!


Hi CodeCrew!
I’m Susanna, a bioengineer. I work in a pediatric hospital and I hope to learn how to develop helpful app to assess level of motor/cognitive impairment while “playing a game”.


Hello CodeCrew,

This is April doing intern to transfer swift to c#. But I am still a beginer for both languages. Wish I could get some ideas for both languages and start tasks.

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Hello CodeWithChris Community my name is John and want to say hello. I really develop mostly in windows and linux, but was wanting to also develop games and apps for Apple. And I do have a question, is there an IDE for windows that will create code for Apple that is similar to XCode in functionality. Something that I don’t need to run a virtual environment to get functioning.

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