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Paid Help - simple problem with automating a function that already exists

Hi All! I need someone who understands swift.

I currently have an app that records audio. When the user records an audio, they can choose to either delete the file or sync it to this particular server.

Now, I’m trying to automate the syncing. I added an option for “auto-sync” on the settings. If this is enabled, when the user finishes recording, it automatically gets synced to the server.

I have file_1.swift → which deals with startRecording, stopRecording and saving the file || and file_2.swift which deals with the syncing and deleting options.

I tried to create the autosync function in file_2.swift which requires the use of some functions from file_1.swift e.g., stopRecording but it would show me error since the functions I need is from a different swift file.

I supposed automating this isn’t hard since I already have the functions needed to sync the file to the server. However, I’m having a hard time putting the puzzle together.

I’m very keen on finishing this and if someone can help me asap, I would be more than happy to pay. In addition, I can’t share any photos and files as I want to keep the work private between me and whoever can help.


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