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Philomath's Dream Job Journey Journal

Hey welcome back @Philomath! Way to publish another post and get through another lesson. Hope you do some more coding this week as I am :wink:

Just decide to do something, and stick with it! Doesn’t matter what you choose, but choose/ take action now. Don’t let more time slip away. If the 90-day challenge inspires you, then get to it!! Love it :slight_smile: otherwise, they have some pretty cool tutorials still out there.

Honestly, I found the database course kinda tough/ dry, so some of the other courses like the Chat App really excite me. I’m glad they’ve published enough content on that to make it worth your time. Pretty cool, they’re adding end-to-end encryption in the latest lesson.


Hey Andrew!

I didn’t post in my journal, but this week I spent most of my coding time watching WWDC videos. It’s really exciting when I actually understand what they’re saying. Sometimes I run into concepts that I’m completely unfamiliar with and I realize how far I have to go still.


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Oh awesome! Hope you’re getting some good inspiration and ideas for everything up and coming :blush:

Man, it’s been so long since I posted in my journal. But the good news is that I haven’t been neglecting coding in the meantime. :blush: I actually have been studying really hard and took both of Apple’s Swift Certification tests! As of today, it’s official! I’m a certified iOS Developer!

I’ve also been building a bunch of small apps to practice what I’ve learned through Code with Chris. Things like a BMI calculator, a xyloPhone app, and a tip calculator. Every app has things I’d like to improve or fix, but they’re working apps!

I’ve also been taking a crash course Git and GitHub course and now I’m building out my GitHub page and portfolio! I’ll share some of my work here once I finish cleaning up my GitHub. :blush: I’m pretty proud of my progress!

I’ve also finalized my resume! (it looks pretty freaking awesome I think - I spent a lot of time designing it to look like an iOS app! Even built it using SwiftUI!) I’ll start applying to developer jobs now. This dream job feels closer than ever. I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far.


Congrats @Philomath!! I’ve been following your Journal since its beginning so I’m reaaally happy for you :smiley: You’re gonna go far, keep it up!!!

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Thank you!