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Pratham's iOS Journey Journal

I should be done or about done with the Databases courses by February/March 2021.

By May/June 2021, I should be done or about done with all of the one-day builds or as many of them as necessary.

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Great to hear! Keep working a little each day towards your goals!


so Update
I decided to skip the Photo App since it is taking an excessive amount of time or I feel like it is going to take an excessive amount of time to complete and I feel like I kinda need to move a little forward onto the next step.

So I have started the Core Data, I am wrapping up/finishing up the Core Data series and starting the Core Data Guidebook App.


The photo app is for using Firebase which is a cloud storage method. CoreData, as I’m sure you know now, is for storage on device. NOT in cloud!

It all depends on what you want to make in the end, for which would be most useful to you

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did you start the Realm Database? that’s the one that I skipped. I kinda liked the photo app but yeah It was a lot of work lol

I am finishing up the Core Data Guidebook App. I am finishing up the Database course.

I am not doing the Module 7 and Module 8 of the Database courses since that is the realm training.

What’s your status over there? :slight_smile: I just finished the CoreML and heading back to do the Bentos. How do you feel about all the new SwiftUI stuff?

So I am almost done with Guidebook App. I am working on getting it right before moving onto the more advanced stuff like YouTube App One Day Build. The SwiftUI stuff seems pretty cool to me but I want to cut my teeth on a few UIKit Apps of my own before moving on to something new. Plus, SwiftUI is the topic of conservation for another day! :slight_smile:

Woot! I am wrapping up the Guidebook App and I am starting to move on to the One-Day Builds. I am going to do the YouTube Video App (as my next app) and the Calculator App before moving on.

P.S. I have already finished the Sound Recorder App One Day Build, it was pretty simple and straightforward. I wanted to get started on one of the simpler one day builds before I cut my teeth on the more complicated ones.

So I just got started with the YouTube Video App. Setting up Github and Bitrise was not a joke. It was a whole different set of tools that I didn’t even know how to use. The YouTube Video App will take at least 2 weeks to complete but if I feel like it is going to take a while to make. I might end up leaving it for the time being and come back to it later as an exercise/challenge project type deal. In that case, for the time being, I might review the Sound Recorder and Calculator App One-Day Builds.

Ok! So I just went over the Sound Recorder App to run it through in my head. I feel pretty confident about it! Next up, I will implement the logic for the Calculator App shortly!

I am in the middle of implementing the logic for the Calculator App. I am working on getting it right, so I can move on to YouTube App One Day Build and the OAuth extension.

Implementing the logic for the calculator is no joke. Handling edge case. Implementing the logic for the numbers and the operators were the hardest part. I will definitely need to trace things out in my head to complete this One-Day Build.

If I don’t think I can do the Calculator App, if it takes too long, I might end up rage quitting and moving on to the YouTube App with the OAuth extension.

Change of plans (well kind of), it is more like I am taking a quick detour.
I have finished almost half of the YouTube App One Day Build (UIKit), I finished Lessons 2 and 3.
Next up is the Swift Codable and Parsing the JSON Result. Building the UI, designing the table view cell should be easy. Watching the video in the web view will be a bit new and something to really tackle. I wonder what the OAuth Extension is going to be like. Will it be hard or easy? I don’t know but I have to find it when I get there.

Then I will come back to the Calculator App to review anything I need to review like the logic for the calculator.

nice! I like how when you get stuck you just detour to keep it moving! I can get caught on a single bug for days sometimes. I remember the OAuth being a lot like GitHub and Bitrise. It made sense but was just an unfamiliar tool… I’m going to need to work on it for some of the apps I have planned for sure

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Ok. I finished about half of this Swift Codable and JSON Parsing since I realized I am running out of time. I guess I will continue right where I left off today tomorrow. Good night!

I’m gonna need to go refresh on my json parsing soon, lol I’ve already forgotten just about all of it and I’m gonna need it for the app

Ok. Quick update on progress. I can say that I have finished the Calculator App One Day Build as a project on the side. So here is my status on the One-Day Builds

One-Day Builds that I’ve completed or are pretty much done.
- Sound Recorder App
- Calculator App

One-Day Builds that I still need to complete.
- YouTube App + OAuth Extension